What is a coconut wax candle?

  • A coconut wax blend candle is made primarily with coconut wax. Soybean wax is added to help keep the wax firm and give it a higher melt point, as coconut oil alone melts at very low temperature.  Coconut Wax is a non-toxic, biodegradable and a renewable sustainable resource. A coconut wax candle will burn cleaner, cooler, slower and more evenly, producing 90% less soot than regular candles.  Soot can be unhealthy, specially for those with asthma and will eventually darken nearby walls or furniture.

Are the candles safe to use as a massage oil or moisturizing lotion?

  • Yes, one of the bonus benefits to using our candles is once the wax melts evenly across  the top, you can extinguish the candle, carefully scoop the wax with our signature spoon and apply to the skin as a luxurious moisturizer. or decadent massage oil.  Coconut oil is a rich moisturizer, containing vitamin E and antioxidant properties, both known for their hydrating and nourishing power. We use a cosmetic grade coconut wax blend and all our fine fragrances are body safe, free of phthalates, sulfates and alcohol.

Will my skin absorb the "wax" or must I remove it?

  • Your skin will absorb the nourishing goodness of the coconut oil and leave your skin happy.

Do coconut wax candles have as much fragrance as wax candles?

  • Yes. coconut wax candles can accommodate more fragrance by-weight than paraffin or wax-based candles, allowing us to use a high concentration of natural fragrance oil to give our candles a better cold and hot scent throw.  We use a blend of synthetic and essential oils.  Coconut wax candles also melt at a lower temperature, allowing for the candle to melt slower and last longer.

How do I clean up a wax spill?

  • Coconut wax cleans can be cleaner fairly easily with mild soap and warm water.

Do I really have to trim the wick?

  • Please, always trim the wick to 1/4" every time you light your candle for better burning. 
  • We use a double wick because they are smaller and we have found they eliminate the mushroom caused by other larger wicks.
  • Trimming also prevents your wick from curling back into the wax - a common problem with non-metal cored wicks.  Because our wicks contain no lead, zinc, or metal of any kind, they are very easily trimmed by just breaking off the top of the wick (the curled part) before lighting.
  • Before lighting again, simply tip the candle and with a paper towel pull off the used wicks.

Are your candles really all natural?

  • Yes, our candles are made from an all natural coconut wax blend, free of additives, dyes and are cosmetic grade.

How long do Coco La Vie candles burn?

  • Burn Times: 3 oz. travel tin - 16 hours
  • 10 oz. glass candle (8.5oz poured) - 40-50 hours
  • *Approximate longevity when burned correctly.

Are the burn times accurate?

  • Burn times vary depending on the location and conditions. Also keep in mind that if you use the candle as a moisturizer it will affect the burn time as you are using some of the melted wax that would normally solidify for the next burn time.

Why do we leave our candles white?





  • Our candles are naturally white, or the natural color of the wax used to produce them. We do not add any dyes or colors to ensure that our candles remain as natural as possible, especially if you are using them as a moisturizer.  Sometimes the candles will begin to "yellow," this is caused by the fragrance oils, especially ones that contain vanilla in them.  This will not affect the burn, the fragrance or it's moisturizing properties.